Eleni Constantinidi

CEO / Partner, Publicom Group Hill & Knowlton BCW Greece

Welcome to the new era where trust, purpose, and reputation reign supreme, powered by innovative communications.

At Publicom Group Hill & Knowlton BCW Greece, we decode complexities, discover opportunities, build Purpose-Driven Trust and Reputation Capital.

We Fortify organizations against crises and empower leaders to discover their corporate ‘Why.’ To inspire and aligning employees under one unified purpose.

Petros Constantinidis

President & Founding Partner, Publicom Group Hill & Knowlton BCW Greece

Here creativity, innovation, and communication drive progress.

We cultivate pioneering concepts and narratives that deeply resonate with your target audiences, delivering cohesive Omni-channel messages and experiences that captivate hearts and minds.

We collaborate through seamless multi skilled Innovation Hubs. Here, our diverse talents and expertise converge, forming robust, fully integrated communications teams offering holistic leadership solutions.



Building Reputation & Trust Capital
Public Affairs
Creating Crisis Proof Organizations

Press Office/ Earned Media
Omni-Channel Communications
Max. Media Buying ROI

Building CEO Influence Capital
Creating Purpose -Driven Employee Ambassadors

Creating Digital Assets
with a “Human Touch”

Creating Hollywood Style Employee Events
Creative Studio/ Art / Video & Film Production / Branding/ Campaign Creation